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Why Need We to Choose Used Mini Excavators?

Le 30 décembre 2013, 02:47 dans Humeurs 0

Used CAT Excavator 336D

  Wether you want to search for used mini excavators in the market? Indeed,althought there are some types of used excavators which we can choose in the market,used mini excavators also have more market demands. We can benefit from using used mini excavators when we buy this kind of excavators in the market. More information please read this article carefully.

Now,let's talk about widely applications of used mini excavators. We can use our used mini excavators for breaking up rocks or hollowing out openings for pipe through attaching a mallet. Besides, you also can use mini excavators for hollowing up septic tanks or carrying out some landscaping within your yard. What's more,used mini excavator are also famous for it's attachments which are more likely to perform more jobs,which just like the tilt buckets which are employed for digging big holes or shoveling up dirt and rocks to be enthused off the beaten track. Grapples are applied for picking up trees and rocks and further large matters that buckets can not pick up. There are also clearing rakes which are apply for filtering throughout the dirt so as to get rid of unwanted objects or to even out an exterior. Metal shears intended for cutting metal and additional very hard materials which you could do with cutting into dissimilar sections. Wood splitters are the ones that are used for cutting trees in different ieces for easier transportation. There are a lot of excavator attachments that it would be hard not to come across the one you necessitate.

It is a fact that used mini excavator attachments are affordable and add to the flexibility of the vastly. Intent to rent or lease an used track excavators, you also need to book attachments which you could do with for the job to be done at no added cost. In general, it is a good option for you to choose used mini excavators. You can benefit from these used excavators. Indeed, they are able to fit in to tiny taut spaces. Some excavators can still fit through petite yard gates. More and more human beings are interested in use excavators. They can go around in a 360 degree loop so you do not need to stir a lot when it is in use. So learn more information of used excavators are very useful.

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What Are the Main Parts of Excavator?

Le 28 décembre 2013, 04:27 dans Humeurs 0

Used Hitachi Excavator EX200-1

  Excavator (including used excavator) now has become one of the main engineering machinery in engineering construction. Generally, transmission gear, operating gear, slewing gear, running gears are the main parts of an excavator. Looking from the exterior, the excavator consists of three parts --- the working device, the upper turret, running gear. A ccording to its structure and uses, it can be divided into a variety of types, such as crawler-type, rubber-type, walking-pedrail, full hydraulic, half of the hydraulic, rotary, the none rotary, general type, special type, radial type, telescopic jib type, etc.

The working device is one of the main components of hydraulic excavator. It is a kind of device which is done directly for mining tasks. And it consists of three parts such as movable arm, arm and bucket hinge. The mining equipment generally adopts the bucket rod oil cylinder to excavate. Movable arm oil cylinder is mainly used for adjusting the cutting Angle, remove obstacles, and full dipper bucket at the end of mining. Actually, movable arm ups and downs, bucket rod telescopic and bucket rotation are all controlled by reciprocating double-acting hydraulic cylinder. In order to meet the needs of the various construction works, excavators can be equipped with a variety of work device, such as mining, lifting, loading, level off, clamp, bulldozing, impact hammer and other operation equipments.

The body of rotary and walking device is a hydraulic excavator. And the upper turntable is equipped with power plant and driving system. As we all know, engine is the power source of the excavator, and in most cases, we can use motor when using diesel at a convenient site as well. Walking device of the reaction force can make the excavator for a short walk at the same time, according to the different structure, it can be divided into two categories---crawler-type and rubber-type. The crawler-type walking device is made up of roller, chain wheel, driving wheel, guide wheel, tensioning device, walking and other components of the hydraulic motor, reducer, etc. The hydraulic excavator walking device is driven by hydraulic motor, reducer, wheel, and each of the caterpillar has its own hydraulic motor and reducer. Besides, as the two hydraulic motor can be operated independently, the machine crawler can synchronize forward and back around, and also can be done through a caterpillar brake turn, and accidentally it can also be driven by two tracks the opposite direction to realize the spin. Above all, the operation is simple.

The slewing gear includes rotary drive device and slewing bearing.The slewing drive generally adopts quantitative motor, it realizes the rotation through gear reducer. Moreover, it has plenty of advantages, such as compact structure, small size, high speed and efficiency rate, strong carrying capacity, small heat and power loss, reliable work, etc, Rotary bearing generally used rolling bearing whose one of the most widely used is single row and double row ball type roller slewing bearing.

The transmission gear pass the engine power through the hydraulic pump to the actuators such as the hydraulic motor and hydraulic cylinder. As a result it will promote the working device, so as to complete all assignments.

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What can You do With the Compact Excavator?

Le 27 décembre 2013, 03:25 dans Humeurs 0

Used Hitachi Excavator EX200-1

  As it is cheaper, it is widely used in many fields. Here we will talk about the application of the compact excavator. Compared with large used Volvo excavators, the design of compact excavator is more intelligent which makes operation easier and more comfortable. The compact excavator is widely used in road, plumbing, municipal, water conservancy and other construction site. With the help from a broken device, it can deal with a variety of work and it is operated more efficiently. So it can work in the construction environment where the large used Volvo excavators can't work. Of course, there is an advantage of the compact excavator. The compact excavator has low price, light weight and convenient maintenance. So it is very popular among users and its market is enormous.

The compact excavator can be moved in different construction sites. It can be a carrier for various materials. This will not only be a convenient transportation, but also can greatly reduce the transportation cost of the machine.

The compact excavator is mainly composed of structure assembly, covering parts assembly, walking device, rotary device, hydraulic system, power system, electrical system and air-conditioning units. Two of the most important parts are the hydraulic system and power system. Compact used Volvo excavators mainly depend on the performance of hydraulic power of these two systems design.

Compact excavator is suitable for narrow area operations. This advantage is mainly depends on the design of the special movable arms. Compact excavator boom is hinged with the fuselage, which makes it swing in a large range. This design makes the excavator avoid obstacles when the mobile platforms are operated. At the same time, it also makes the excavator can be operated freely beside the walls or fences. The design of the end of the machine is unique. The compact excavator can be used conveniently when the working space is limited. The excavator operator does not need to consider how to deal with the construction site with the obstacles.

Compact excavator's advantage lies in its versatility. With related hydraulic power system, the compact excavators can install many auxiliary tools, such as installing a roller or plate. These tools are often used for landfill compaction grooves. The broken hammer and hydraulic clamp are used to lightweight demolition job. In addition, the installation of rotary digging tools is used for drilling. Finally we have to mention that compact used excavator rubber tracks can help reduce the excavator construction of narrow construction within the scope of the landscape area and avoid the damage of the road. The compact excavator greatly improves the efficiency of the work.

In recent years, compact excavator market continues strong growth, especially in the export side. Compact excavators in China construction machinery industry export markets have played a leading role. Local compact excavator has high quality and is cheap in our country. Even the used excavator is also popular among users.

It is sure that in the future the compact excavator market competition will be the competition of enterprise comprehensive strength. Improving manufacturing technology is the key to improve the performance of compact used excavators. Domestic enterprises should choose the proper market strategy and brand strategy and make efforts to strengthen the development of compact excavator market.

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